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Triple Triad Tutorial

So you're interested in the wonderful world of Triple Triad? Wonderful. It's a very simple game on the surface...but as you play you will learn that there is more than meets the eye.

Chapter 1: Basics
Triple Triad is a game of conquering. At the beginning of the game each player controls 5 cards in their hand. Each turn you are required to place one card in one of the nine playing slots.

Each card has a number for EACH SIDE of the card. They go from 1-9. A is ranked highest above 9. B is 11 and etc..

Note the numbers for all four sides. They shall be referred to as North-East-South-West in this guide.

Every time you play a card every card that it is touching gets compared to yours. If their touching side is lower than yours than it is flipped to be your color (and added to your score).

As the East side of the Blorba that was just played is higher than the West side of the already on the field Blood Soul, the Blood Soul switches to be blue.

At the end of the game all cards of each color are totaled up. (Includes remaining cards in hands.) If you have more cards than your opponent you win!

Chapter 2: Same
So you already know how to play a basic game of Triple Triad..however it has much more to offer. Same is one of the ones you will see the most.

Same is useful to take enemies with the SAME NUMBER as yours (instead of having to be one point higher!).

In this case the center card is the card that was just played. Under normal circumstances it could not take the red Trauma and red Rinoa...however it matches also with the card on the left triggering Same. The red Trauma and red Rinoa is swapped to the blue team.

Chapter 3: Plus
Plus is a little more complicated than Same. Plus occurs when the touching sides of a played card add up to the same number with another allied card. Both cards should be opponent's. This allows you to take cards with higher values than your own in some cases.

In this case the center card is the newly played card. Normally it would not take the red cards..but as both the matching sides with the red cards add up to the same number (3)...Plus is triggered.

Chapter 4: Playing
To play a card simply drag that card and drop in a spot. At the end of the match you are redirected to the Victory/Loss page. You will get a message with the cards you lost if you lose.

Chapter 5: Victory
If you win you must select which cards to take. Just click on any card you like.

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